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OK! We’re almost there. But before I ship out your book, I want to give you one last opportunity to upgrade your order at a big discount.

Since I released the 15 Steps, I’ve gotten some incredible feedback from readers. People have emailed me to tell me that they made $10,000…$20,000…or even $60,000 more per month from YouTube ads.

And that’s been great to hear. But many people have also emailed me to tell me about something else they wish was included with the book.

What people have requested is a way to customize the advice in the book specifically to them. To learn exactly how they should apply the techniques, and what they should do differently than most people to build their campaigns.

Now, I believe the 15 Steps is the best book on YouTube advertising you’ll ever read. It’ll give you a great strategy to use to build your ad campaigns.

But like all books, it’s a general blueprint that’s meant to be used by any business owner. Having this general strategy will take you a long way, and it’s far better than having no strategy at all.

But what’s even better is to have the strategy, AND to have someone personally walk you through how to use it. Someone who can answer your questions, and walk you through how to apply the advice in your specific situation.

And that’s exactly why I’d like to personally create a customized plan for you to grow your YouTube advertising. And I’d like to jump on the phone with you to walk you through the plan, and to show you exactly how to start scaling your YouTube campaigns.

If you just bought this book for curiosity’s sake and you weren’t serious about implementing what you learned, then this call isn’t for you. But if you’re serious about implementing what you learn in the book — and you want to start making money from your YouTube ads quickly — then this call will be just what you need.

Here’s how our Strategy Session will work.

Before we talk, I’ll ask you to give me a little bit of information about your website, your product, your market, and your existing advertising. If you have a Google Ads account already, I’ll look over your campaigns in detail and analyze how to improve them. And if you don’t have a Google Ads account, I’ll put together a plan of action for you that shows you exactly how to get started.

Once I’ve reviewed all of your marketing, I’ll spend a few hours working up a written plan for you to follow over the next few months. This plan will lay out step by step exactly what you should do to start building your YouTube campaigns. It’ll be customized completely to your business, and it’ll show you exactly how to apply the method you learned in the 15 Steps to your unique situation.

On our call, I’ll review the plan with you and show you exactly how to implement it. And I’ll answer any questions that you have about the plan, to make sure you fully understand it before you get started. You’ll have a full hour talking directly with me, where we’ll work together to perfect your YouTube advertising gameplan.

The price for these strategy sessions that I have listed on my website is $997. And my clients who have paid this price agree it’s a bargain, because they used the plan that we created to make hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But because you decided to invest in the 15 Steps, I know you’ll be a perfect candidate for one of these strategy sessions. So I’d like to offer you a big discount off the regular price if you upgrade your order today.

If you claim your Strategy Session in the next five minutes, I’ll give you a massive 60% discount off the regular price. You’ll pay just $397 — a fraction of what most people paid.

I’m extending this discount to you because I think you’re going to get killer results with this Strategy Session. And when you do, I know that you’ll tell other people that you know about it.

Here’s what other business owners had to say about their YouTube Marketing Strategy Session:

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I guarantee that you will make at least three times your investment in profits from the YouTube campaigns we discuss in your plan. If you don’t, I’ll happily refund every penny that you paid.

And if you’re not happy with your Strategy Session for any other reason — even if you did make big profits from our plan — I’ll still refund your money. No hassles, no questions asked.

You are going to love your YouTube Marketing Strategy Session, and I know you’ll realize it was a great investment after our call. So I’m offering this guarantee to you so you can feel confident you’re making the right decision.

So claim your discount now, before it expires. Remember, you’ll have to pay full price if you want to get a Strategy Session later. And I’m guaranteeing you’ll love your Strategy Session, or you’ll get 100% of your money back.

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