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OK…one more opportunity that I’d like to give you before you get started with the 15 Steps.

The 15 Steps is going to show you how to set up and manage your YouTube ad campaigns within Google Ads. It teaches you the principles of great ad management from a big picture perspective. And just with the book alone, you’ll know more about how to manage your YouTube campaigns than 99% of advertisers out there.

But imagine if you could actually look at my screen as I set up YouTube campaigns…and if you could see exactly what to click on within Google Ads to set up the campaigns I’m going to show you in the book.

Many of my students have asked for this…which is why I’m working on an advanced YouTube ads video training course right now. It’s called “YouTube Ads Black Belt,” because it teaches you in detail exactly what you’ll need to know to master the art of managing YouTube ad campaigns.

YouTube Ad Management Black Belt normally costs $997. But since you’re a 15 Steps customer, you can get it for $497 – a 50% discount off the regular price.

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